Senior Citizens Totally Neglected

This issue was also raised in Parliament by MP Jaya Bachchan.
Is it a crime to be a senior citizen in India?
Senior citizens of India are not eligible for medical insurance after 70 years, they do not get loan on EMI. Driving license is not issued. They are not given any work for financial work. So they depend on others. He had paid all the taxes in his youth. Now even after becoming a senior citizen he has to pay all the taxes. There is no scheme for senior citizens in India. 50 percent discount on railways has also been discontinued. Sad thing is senior citizen in politics be it MLA, MP or Minister, they get everything and also get pension, but we senior citizens pay many kinds of taxes to government throughout our life, still no pension. In old age, imagine where else will children go if they can’t take care of them (for some reason) in old age? This is a terrible and painful thing. If the elders of the house get angry, it will affect the elections. And the government will have to bear the consequences. Who will take care of senior citizens?
Seniors have the power to change the government, don’t ignore them as weak! Care is not taken to ensure that there is no hardship in the lives of senior citizens. The government spends a lot of money on non-renewable schemes, but never realizes that senior citizens also need a scheme. On the contrary, the income of senior citizens is decreasing due to reduction in interest rates of banks. If a meager pension is received in which it is difficult to support the family, it is also subject to income tax.
Being an Indian senior citizen is now considered a crime.
Share it on all social media You are connected on all social media. Let’s take the voices of senior citizens to the ears of the government (share this information for the awareness of all senior citizens.) I want to hear the unheard voice so loud that it becomes a mass movement, we all senior citizens should share this. With all their friends. Please request them.
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