Actor Karan Khandelwal forced to return to hometown in Kerala due to financial constraints, 1400 km – TV

Television actor Karan Khandelwal, who has starred in shows like Siddhi Vinayak and Saath Nibhana Saathiya, returned to his hometown in Kerala due to a coronovirus epidemic. He was not only finding it difficult to obtain the necessary due to the increase in cases in his field, but was also struggling with bills.

In an interview with The Times of India, he said, “Mumbai is one of the majorly affected cities in the country. There was an upsurge in Kovid-19 cases around my area. I could not even arrange food and other necessities for myself. At the same time, other expenses were also difficult to meet. “

Karan chose all the way to Kerala instead of flying. “I had been living in Mumbai for many years, but the current situation forced me to leave the city and go back to my hometown. I drove my car about 1,400 kilometers to reach home, ”he said.

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Most television actor contracts have a 90-day pay clause, which means the checks are cleared three months after the shooting. Karan said that he was able to get financial support from his family. He said that due to the 90-day system, he would not get immediate payment for any new project.

“My family has been helping me with finances. Before the lockdown, I was shooting for a web show and they immediately approved my payment, which was helpful. But apart from that, I have many other pending dues from other projects. Now, even if I join a new show, I will not get paid for a few months. Therefore, it was a better option to return home, ”he said.

Recently, television actors Shardul Kunal Pandit and Rajesh Kareer left for their hometown as work dried up during the lockout and they were struggling with finances. The cast and crew of the serial Hamari Bahu Silk accused him of unpaid dues for months and threatened to commit suicide.

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