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Vikas Gupta, the second runner up of Bigg Boss 11, posted his first proud post and wrote a long note explaining why he thought being a woman meant being powerful.

Updated: Jul 01, 2020 18:09 IST

Vikas Gupta’s first glory post came out on Wednesday.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta posted her first ‘pride post’ on Wednesday, replying that when she was growing up, they taunted her. She also took the gender swap challenge.

Sharing a detailed video, in which he describes how women are anything but weak, he has written in Hindi and English about his experiences as a child: “In the rest of my seniors or my class from the time the chief was young. Bake Mujhe Nidiya KK and then again in the main summer vacation, you are going to your home to the house of the senior boys of the colony boy Yahn Tek, who is the son of Ladies, this development is there. So the girls look like, look at their lips. These ladai bhai nahin karta. Darpok hai ladkiyon ki tarah (As a child, boys and senior girls make fun of me for behaving like a girl. My gestures, hands The antics and physical characteristics are commented on. They joke that I am a coward like a girl and can never put up. A fight.) “

Vikas mentioned how he started thinking that women were weak until he met producer Ekta Kapoor. He said that being a woman was a compliment. “Let’s talk, eat out and they laugh in my face and walk away saying ‘Ek dum jaani hai hai’ (She is a woman). I started feeling really disgusted and really started to believe it Gave that calling a girl is the most abusive and abused. Girls are weak and poor (helpless) and need my care and protection until I enter the #Balajitelefilms 5th floor. And from Abla Bichari etc. Opposite met. I met #ektakapoor and the rest of my life is ahead. Here I came to know what a woman’s power is, so thanks to the taunts and idiots for calling me a genani under fake IDs under trollers and my excuses. But you don’t even know your Janani (mother), when you call anyone it’s a girl that it’s a compliment, it’s not abusive stupidity. “

Vikas also called those who called him weak, saying how he proved wrong in Bigg Boss. Incidentally, in Bigg Boss 11, Vikas became the second runner-up. “And one small thing. People somehow have a prior belief that the reason why someone like me is physically weak is just being soft-spoken and more interested in stories than Jim. Woh galatafahami # Bigboss11 ke akhare me ek baar nahi do bar abs ki dukaano ke saath saath baaki India ko bata aur dikha chuka hoon. ”

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He also instructed those who underestimated those boys who were slightly feminine. “Never underestimate a guy because he is a bit feminine and please don’t convince everyone that gay or bisexual #vikasgupta is #OutandAbout with #lostsouls who can change their world for good and end #BeKind #pridemonth Wants to do #newjourney begins PS I am not impressed by trolls and comments, but as it affects my work and my loved ones. See you. “

He ended his lengthy post by saying that he had taken up the challenge of gender change and nominated his friends Karan Kundra, Arjun Bijlani and Ravi Dubey to do the same. “For the #womenpower challenge I am challenging @kkundrra @arjunbijlani @ ravidubey2312 to put up a #Genderswap post. Please tell others that a woman is not weak and please challenge.

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