Bollywood News – Case of Sushant Singh Rajput: Actor ‘suffering from depression and bipolar disorder’, therapist says Riya Chakraborty called her ‘mother’s figure’.

After making several serious allegations against Riya Chakraborty in an FIR filed by KK Singh, father of Sushant Singh Rajput, the actress is facing a rage on social media, along with everyone else, who is alleged to have been involved in Sushant’s suicide. Slapping anyone for kidnapping. However, the actor’s physician, Drs. Susan Walker, has now come up with a completely different principle, which is no less than Riya’s biggest support system to Sushant. Wanting to set the record straight, Walker has spoken out about Sushant’s mental illness and Riya has clearly blamed no one in his death. Also read- Sushant Singh Rajput’s case: ‘Shea’s grief,’ says Riya Chakraborty’s Jalebi Costar, ‘I will get justice’ video in her response

In an exclusive interview with renowned journalist Barkha Dutt, Drs. Walker said, “In view of the misinformation and conspiracy theories currently on social media about Sushant Singh Rajput and Riya Chakraborty, I have decided that it is my duty to make a statement. In my capacity as a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, I met Sushant and Riya on several occasions in November and December 2019 and communicated with Riya again in June of this year. Sushant suffered a lot during his bouts of depression and hypomania. Riya was his strongest support. The first time I met them as a couple, I was impressed by the anxiety, love and support I showed. It was very clear how close they were. Riya took care of his appointments and gave him enough courage to attend, despite that he was so fearful that anyone would come to know. ” Also read- Sushant Singh Rajput’s case: ‘No need, he is under our supervision’, Bihar Police said that plan to interrogate Riya Chakraborty

“Sushant was suffering from Bipolar Disorder, a serious mental illness that can cripple a person during an episode. Symptoms may include severe anxiety, major depression, and sometimes disorganized thinking and paranoia. The constant, frightening stigma about mental illness is very difficult for patients and their families. This has got to stop. Mental illness is no different from cancer or diabetes. It can affect anyone regardless of class, financial condition etc. In a way that can cause cancer, ”she said. ALSO READ- Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend, Chrisnan Barretto, was REVEALS actor changed after meeting Riya Chakraborty and stopped answering calls

Highlighting the stigma associated with mental illnesses, Sikudan said, “People with mental illnesses and their families need to feel safe from discrimination so that they can get their treatment and help and acceptance. There is no shame in having mental illness. Should anyone feel ashamed of having cancer? Mental illness can be treated, it is often the shame of having a disease that can lead people to suicide. A disease affects the way the mind and emotions work, along with the full agony of being vulnerable. “

Complaining about the allegations leveled against him, Waller elaborated, “When he was seriously ill, he relied on her as a mother to some extent and he completely relied on love, encouragement and patience.” Filled that role with. It was an incredibly difficult time for him as suffering from the cruelty of mental illnesses of family members. They need to keep it a secret and endure things in silence, an extra trauma. The treatment Riya has received on social media is very shocking to me as I have only ever experienced her as a deeply caring and sensitive person. Sushant’s tragic and untimely death needs to become another lesson for all of us – in ending the shame and stigma surrounding the disease. “

In Sushant’s death, things are getting more complicated day by day with Rhea Hcoberty Angle. It would be best to adopt a wait-and-watch policy at this time.

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