Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu gets a medal from his Department

Happen’s Altan Paltan episode written on July 20, 2020, written update on TellyRadar.com

The episode begins with Resham Lal awarding the medal to Happu and praising him. Makwana asks why did he get the medal? The commissioner says that I did not even know. He says that there was a letter with this medal which was written wrong, the letter would be resented again. Happu says that this medal was given for my bravery. Silk lacquer says that I am curious to know what you got. Happu asks Makwana to make ginger tea for him and extracts pomegranate juice for him. Goes to Makwana. Happu is happy. Amma asks Malaika to watch the plants dry up. Hrithik says that since Mummy went, she dried up. Amma asks that we not water the plants. Happu comes home. Malaika asks where did you get this medal from? Happu says he received this medal from the ministry. Malaika asked what? Happu calls for bravery. Malaika says that she needs time to believe it. Happu says at least you can congratulate me. Malaika congratulated him. Happu asks him to make pea cheese today. Malaika asks are you telling me? Happu says yes. Malaika says that I have exams and I need to study. Happu asks him to make pea cheese for today. He then asked Ranbir and Hrithik to clean their scooter, as they received the medal today. Ranbir and Hrithik refuse, but Happu insists. Happu asks Amma to help Malaika peel the peas. Amma ask me? Happu says just help daughter. He is going to be fresh.

Happu comes to Benny’s house and shows Scotch. Benny asks what did you do today? Happu shows his medal and says that he has got it for bravery. Does Benny ask? Happu says I do not remember, I have solved many cases. Benny appreciates her and throws her wine. Happu asks why you threw him and tells that Scotch will not suit him (Benny). Benny asks why? Happu drinks and says that I have reached some level and that is why I am drinking Scotch. Benny says that you mean I did nothing in my life. He says that I felt bad and I ask him to drink Scotch, saying that he will drink his cheap brand. Happu asks him to do something creative in life. Benny shook his head.

Later Happu comes to his house and wakes up his sons. Ranbir says that it is not yet morning. Happu asks them to get ready, have breakfast and leave for school. Hrithik says that we slept just 2 hours ago. Happu says that you were on mobile all night. They go to get ready. He comes to Amma and asks if she is sleeping. Amma slaps him and says that he did not sleep properly. Happu says that the sun is rising. Amma investigates outside and asks where are the rays of the sun? Happu asks Malaika if he has made tea? Malaika says that now I am awake, be patient. Happu says that everyone has been showing tantrums since Razzo left.

He tells her to look at the clouds and tells her not to fix her own time table. Malaika brings tea. Happu asks him to make breakfast early. Malaika asks her to help and says that I am a little girl. Happu tells him not to be lazy and hurries food. He asks her not to argue. He tells Amma to drink fresh and get ready quickly. Amma slaps him and asks why are you not drinking tea? Happu and Ranbir get ready and come out. They wonder why the sun has not yet risen. The second house watchman says it is 3 o’clock in the morning. The children shouted while saying happu. Amma slaps her and asks why did you wake me up at night. Malaika says that you asked me to make breakfast. Amma slaps Happu.

No Precap.

Update Credit: Komal

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