Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma, Beni and Kids blackmail Happu

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The episode begins by telling Happu Amma and the children, just now he comes from Beni’s house after a drink and thinks to wake them up now instead of in the morning. Ranbir asked what to do now? Happu asks him to spend time with Amma and arrive before 7 pm. Amma asks what is this madness? Happu says that commissioner Saheb told me that I am lucky when I got the medal alive. Malaika says that she is hearing this for the first time. Happu asks her to learn from him. Amma slaps him. Hrithik says that this is really ridiculous. Happu tells them to spend time with Amma. He goes to sleep Later in the morning Happu is in the police station, Makwana asks him to hang the medal on the wall. Happu tells that when he goes out, Pappu calls him medalist Happu Singh. He says that if I hang my medal here, I can forget and go home. Makwana says that my father used to say that no one can forget his worth. Happu scolds him and tells him to shine his shoes well. Makwana gets upset. Happu receives a call from Tiwari and leaves to join him. Reshamlal comes there. Makwana complains to him that Happu gave him shoes to polish him. Resham Lal says that you will get used to doing it soon. Makwana says that I was commissioner earlier and now you are commissioner. Resham Lal says that a film was Amar Akbar Anthony, in which Jeevan polishes his shoes to Pran. Makwana asks if I am a soul?

The children are talking. Amma tells them to shut up. Malaika says that I am thinking something. Benny says that he is Happu’s child and will follow in his footsteps. He tells that Happu insulted me and drank very expensively, stating that I do not have the level to drink it. Malaika says that Bapu is changing. Amma is shocked. Happu says that if he comes to wake me at night, I will not wake up. Amma asks if he has any idea? Malaika says yes. Ranbir asks her to tell him. Makwana slaps him for copying him.

Happu comes home at night. Amma says you have come. Happu says that everyone waits for me and says that I have just reached the police station, they met me and escaped. Amma laughed. Happu says he wants to drink tea and calls Malaika. Amma says that Malaika is studying, and says that she will make tea. Beni changed her voice and called to ask if he knew Birju Maharaj, whom you sent to jail. Happu says yes and asks what he wants to say. Beni says that I am Birju’s brother Sarju, my brother died in jail, now I will avenge you. Happu asks what is he saying? Benny asks her to look at her medal and see the red light falling on her. He tells her to do it because he will say that his fast shooter will kill him. Happu asks him to ask the sharp shooter to wield the gun and says that he is ready to do what he says. Benny says I’ll tell you later and ends the call. Amma, Hrithik, Benny and Ranbir become happy. Later in the night, Sarju as Beni calls her again and asks her to look at his chest. Happu sees the red light and asks if the shooter also performs night shift. Benny says that I have two shooters. Happu begs him to say what he must do to save his life. Benny asks him to clean the lawn. Happu refused. Benny says that he will shoot her at a weak point. Hrithik carries a red light torch on his stomach. Happu asks to stop and says that he will sweep the floor. He cries and goes to sweep the floor. Malaika, Hrithik and Amma come there. Happu says that he thought about sweeping the floor because he was having backache. Hrithik says that you did not win the medal by winning the floor. Happu gets emotional and asks Hrithik to sweep the floor. Benny calls him and asks him to sweep himself on the floor. Happu sweeps the floor with a broom.

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