Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu tries to seek Resham Pal’s help

Happen’s Altan Paltan episode written on July 22, 2020, written updates on TellyRadar.com

The episode begins with Happu wishing Good Morning. Happu says that his morning gets bad seeing his face. Makwana says that he does not have the money to get the plastic surgery done. Happu asks her to massage her feet. Makwana says this is incorrect. Happu asks who will decide, I will decide. He says that when I return from the bathroom, you will be ready with ginger tea and massage my feet. Makwana calls commissioner Resham Pal. Malaika explains that Bapu is tired of hearing the call of the blackmailer. Benny says let this drama continue for a few more days. Resham Pal comes there and tells Amma that as you know that Happu had received a medal from the government, Malaika says that all this is happening because of the medal. Resham Pal says I cannot take back the medal, but we are all disturbed by his behavior. Malaika says that we will get them on the right path very soon and we started work. Resham Pal tells that Happu is harassing Makwana and asks her to massage her feet. Malaika feels ashamed of her father’s behavior. Beni calls Happu and reveals that he is Sarju. He tells her Makwana to sit in a chair and massage her legs. Happu says ok. The call ends after Benny. Happu seats Makwana in his chair and massages his feet. Makwana becomes happy.

At night Amma asks Happu how was the day? Happu says it was good, everyone respected me and cared for me. Amma asks if Makwana took care of you. Happu says today I have to serve him. Amma asks about Resham Pal. Happu says that he is the commissioner and I cannot ask him to do anything for me. Amma says you have knowledge and knows whom to take from whom. Happu asks Malaika to make chicken. Malaika calls Beni and calls Sushma, telling him not to call. Benny says that I understood and called Happu. He asks her to dance the serpent. Happu says I can’t. Benny asks her to dance and imagines the song is playing. Happu says I will dance in the room, because Amma and the children are here. Benny says dance fast and I will ask the shooter to shoot you. Happu says that I will dance and start the serpent dance. Malaika and Amma laugh.

Happu calls Reshma Pal and names her. Resham Pal says that you can only say my name with such bad manners. Happu reveals that he is worried and reveals that he had arrested Birju a few years ago and died in prison. He says that now his brother Sarju is harassing him. Resham Pal says that it is your left hand’s job to catch the blackmailer who won the medal. He ends the call. Happu gets depressed. Beni calls him Sarju. Happu says I couldn’t sleep and asked him to sing Lori. Benny says I will spit in your face and ask him to go to Benny’s house and give him his expensive scotch. He says that he must be thirsty. Happu asks how do you know? Benny says that all drunkards want to drink after 8 pm and ask him to buy and drink simple liquor. Happu says okay and ends the call. He goes out and gets cheap liquor. The watchman asked him to pay Rs 5000 for Rs 35 worth of liquor. Happu asks if you have a relationship with Sarju. He pays the money. Hrithik arrives and takes money from the watchman and gives some money to the watchman. Happu comes to Benny and gives him Scotch. Benny says you’re jealous. Happu asks why you are not asking why I am drinking this cheap wine. Benny tells her to say no. Happu says I am very worried. Benny enjoys drinking Scotch.

No Precap.

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