Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kamlesh gets robbed

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The episode begins with Happu Kamlesh waiting. Kamlesh comes there. Happu asks what do you want to do? He says that you wrote to my sons that I am a thief and my mother threw tea on my face. Kamlesh asks for money to blackmail his family. Happu gives him 500 rupees. Kamlesh gives him something and says that he has brought him from the chemist’s shop, asking him to clean his forehead. Malaika hears him and calls everyone. He says that the blackmailer has been found. Happu says I was blackmailing. Amma slaps him. Malaika says that Kamlesh was doing as he was saying. Benny asks if he is not ashamed to drink the dirty water of his washed feet. He says what will Vimlesh say now? Happu says stop it, you were harassing me by acting like Sarju. Amma says what we would have done, you were blackmailing us because you got a medal and we did so much work. Ranbir says that you woke us up at night. Amma says that you have become egoistic and have not even seen friendship. Benny says that I am well educated, but not arrogant. Happu says that I got the medal for the first time and that is why I considered myself a respected inspector and great. Amma slaps him. Happu says that he should not have done this and apologizes to everyone. He says that I will never bother anyone. Everyone forgives him. Happu tells Amma that she will make tea and make everyone drink with happiness. Amma kisses her cheeks and they all go inside. Benny still feels humiliated. Happu comes to Ben and kisses his cheeks. Even I am coming to drink tea and smile, says Benny.

Happu police station arrives and welcomes the commissioner. The commissioner Resham Pal looked sad as Happu rebuked Makwana for not giving him a salute and told him that he did not have the courtesy. Resham Pal says that he has already congratulated you. Happu states that he wants to salute him and reveals that he is a medal-winning inspector. He says that he has been badly insulted. Resham Pal asked him not to pursue the case. Happu says that he will take the matter to a higher level. The constable brings a letter from the ministry. Happu reads the letter informing that they have sent medals to evil inspectors who never worked and were not qualified for the job. He becomes speechless. Resham Pal asks him to read. Makwana further studies and states that it is for the inspectors who were irresponsible for their duty to realize their qualifications. Resham Pal says that he understood that day itself. Makwana also taunted him. Resham Pal asks if any insect bites you. Makwana says that everyone will see now. Resham asks Happu to bring juice for him and coffee for Makwana.

The next day, Happu comes out of the bathroom. Amma asks if her stomach is okay. Happu says that he was reading the newspaper inside. Rajjo brings tea and gives it to them. She scolds him for reading the newspaper inside. Happu asks why is she imagining it? He says that men have less time, so they wrap everything up. Rajjo asks for two papers from tomorrow. Happu says that she is spending thrift and only sees pictures of film stars. Rajjo got upset. She reveals that she is making sandwiches for them. Kamlesh comes and congratulates them. Happu scolds him. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to fetch coriander from the shop and asks Happu to fetch Rs 500. Happu asks him to give it from his pocket. He tells Kamlesh to buy it at a cheap rate. Kamlesh asked for another 500 rupees for the entry of CAT in the fair. Amma says that she did not understand. Happu refuses to give in, and asks Razzo to call her aunt. Rajjo asked why? If I look like my aunt Happu says then call me brother or brother-in-law. Amma asks Kamlesh to say. Kamlesh says brother-in-law and runs away with 500 rupees. Rajjo asks the children to go to school. He goes out Two men got on the bike and pointed a gun at him. Kamlesh gives them money. They also ask for another 500 rupees. Kamlesh says that it is not my money. They slap him and take his wallet. Kamlesh cries. Rajjo gives Tiffin to Happu. Happu says I will eat the food you have made. Kat tells Happu that Kamlesh is not picking up her phone. Happu is leaving. Kamlesh comes there on his bike and whispers something in his ear. Rajjo was shocked. Happu asks what are you saying? Kamlesh says nothing, Uncle. Happu asks what did he say? Rajko did not say anything. Happu asks where is the money left after purchasing the goods.

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