Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Malaika is appointed as special Police officer

Happen’s Altan Paltan episode written on July 29, 2020, written update on tellyoupdates.com

Malaika starts the episode with Happu saying that she will not live her life with bribe money. Happu tells Razzo that he considers Malaika not to talk to him like he is his father. Rajjo went away. Happu says that he wants his family members to respect him. Amma says that she likes these kinds of sweets and asks them to bring more. Happu plays the song and lies on Amma’s lap. He comes to the room. Rajjo gets upset with Malaika and Amma for mistreating her. Happu says that everything I said is correct and states that Malaika taunts me again and again. Rajjo says that Malaika is very understanding and honest, but Hrithik and others are younger. She asks why Amma needs money at this age, she will focus on her body. Happu says that if Amma stopped drinking she would dry up. Rajjo says that if he will not recover while eating. She asks him to bring a jhumka from a shop priced at 1000. Happu is right. Rajjo says I will kiss you. Happu asks if he kisses inside the blanket. Rajjo tells her to come. They sing together under the blanket.

Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room and Yah and Khanoon happen … Malaika and Kat wake up. Malaika slaps him. Kamlesh tells that he needs justice. Kat tells her to move on. Malaika says I will help you. Kamlesh tells about the old era of kings. The robbers ask a man to give his phone on the street. Malaika beats them and they run away. The boy reveals that he has saved a minister. Malaika asks if he is a minister? The boy says yes. Kamlesh is singing from there. Malaika told the minister that her father is an inspector and refused to file Kamlesh’s report. The minister gets impressed by her and asks her what he wants from her.

Benny tells Happu that he got Rs 5000. Happu asks him to save money for his wife and children. Benny sees her and tells her not to put her foot on his painful nerve. He says that if I miss Vimlesh, I will ruin everything. Happu asks where is the box of sweets sent by Tiwari. Benny says I will bring. He brings the box and opens the box. Benny says I have taken 7500 and this is your 7500. Happu asks why you need money. Malaika comes there and asks Beni if ​​he is bribing his father. He asks Khushi that he is taking bribe. Happu confesses to taking bribe and says that the big house does not run without bribe. He asks her to go and study.

In the morning Rajjo brings tea and gives it to Amma and Happu. She asks if he went to the bathroom with the newspaper. Happu says it was thrown down, so I picked it up. Amma explains that she cannot drink tea alone and asks him to bring a biscuit. Rajjo goes to get biscuits. She asks Amma not to eat beet spices. Malaika comes there and tells that she is going to work. What work does Happu ask? Malaika says that she no longer wants to tell and asks Rajjo to eat sugar and yogurt. Happu tells him to put it in his ears. Malaika does not ask her to break the law. He says that she will make him eat yogurt and sugar. He makes her and tells Amma that Malaika will be promoted.

Makwana tells Resham Pal that the ticket was from yesterday evening. Happu asks him what he said? Resham Pal says that Makwana made no mistake. Happu says that it is his fault and states that Makwana took someone else to watch the film. Resham Pal says I was right. Malaika comes there. Resham Pal says welcome. Happu says i am standing here. Malaika says hello. Resham Pal says that she is a child and asks Makwana to bring chocolate for her and gives her money to buy. Goes to Makwana. Happu asks how did you come here? Malaika says that I was sent here. Resham Pal gets a call from someone and says that I cannot recognize your voice. He says okay sir and ends the call. Makwana brings chocolate. Resham Pal states that Hapu’s daughter Malaika has been appointed as special officer. Happu is surprised.

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