Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Malaika suspends Happu for taking bribe

Happen’s Altan Paltan episode written on July 30, 2020, written update on tellyoupdates.com

The episode starts with Resham Pal saying to Happu that Malaika has been hired as special officers. Makwana says that father and daughter will be in the same office. Happu says he is proud of her. Malaika tells that she cannot be proud of her because she is suspending her from her job. Resham Pal is also surprised. Happu tells Reshma Pal. Malaika says that if you favor my father then I can suspend you too. Resham Pal says alright and tells Happu to leave. Malaika asks Happu to hand over all the cases to her and goes away. She asks for a police vehicle and leaves. Later she comes home, Rajjo asks where were you? Malaika says that I come late every day and ask Amma to give her my blessings. Amma is right, and says that Happu also came. Happu tells that he fired me from my job. Rajjo is shocked. Happu says she went out in the morning to suspend her father. Amma asks why did you do this? Malaika asks why would I keep a corrupt officer in the police? Rajjo asks who are you to do this? Malaika says that he has been appointed as special officer. Happu asks if you thought from where we will get the money for food and how we will pay the fees now. Rajjo says you must have asked me. Malaika says that this house will not run on bribe money and states that she had decided when the minister offered her a job. Happu tells that his daughter slipped from his hand. Amma says now my son has become useless. Malaika says that the real reason for my father’s corruption is you. She says that I am not telling you that you are my grandmother, if you had controlled her at the right time, she would not have done so. She says that there is no shame in suspending them. Amma says that Malaika is right, I have made a mistake. She says she did not beat him in childhood, but now she will beat him. She slaps him twice.

Rajjo tells Happu that he will not ironing his uniform if he is suspended. Happu gets upset and they both argue. He tells her to ask Malaika to dismiss his suspension. Rajjo says that she does not listen to me and reports directly to the minister. Happu says he will listen to you, just talk to him once. Razzo says fine and states again that she will not press her uniform, being practical. Happu says ok.

Later he comes to Benny’s house. Benny tells him that Malaika scolds him today as if he is a big officer. Happu cries and reveals that Malaika has been appointed as the special office of police. Benny is proud of him and tells that he will not leave the goons anymore. Happu says he suspended me. Benny asks what did you do? Happu says that he saw me twice taking bribe from you and that’s why he did it by being honest. He asks Beni to explain it to him and reveals that Malaika had come with Kamlesh to file a complaint, but I did not file a complaint. Benny tells him to stay back and says I know how to refuse you. He brings the box again and asks him to take it. Happu throws the box and tells that you heard everything and brought the bribe again. Benny tells him to keep calm. Happu says I hate bribes. Beni says that it had laddoos from Motichur, which was your favorite dessert. Happu says you must have opened the box.

Malaika gives Razzo a compliment to eat. She states that she is a special officer and there is no time limit for her. Hapu gestures to Rajjo to say. Malaika asks him to pack some parathas in a tiffin. Rajjo says that she wants to say something. Malaika says you want to ask me if I will get a salary. Rajjo says yes and asks how much? Malaika says Happu is more surprised than Bapu’s salary. Rajjo and Amma smiled. Malaika sees Happu signing Rajzo. Razzo asks Malaika to dismiss his suspension order. Malaika tells Happu that she can see him in the mirror. Rajjo holds Malaika’s hand. Malaika says that I am ready to take suspension and asks her to answer yes / no and asks if I have given the right to suspend Bapu? Happu gestured to Rajjo. Rajko gets into thinking.

No Precap.

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