Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Malaika threatens to get Happu arrested on domestic voilence charges

Happen’s Altaan Paltan episode written on July 31, 2020, written update on TellyRadar.com

The episode begins with Malaika, who asks Rajjo if he has done wrong by suspending Bapu. Rajjo says, you did nothing wrong. Happu gets upset. Malaika says she will not dismiss her suspension. Happu gets angry on Rajjo. Rajjo says that Malaika made her emotional, so she could not give a wrong answer, saying that corruption is bad. Happu says that you used to accept and accept bribe to buy sari and maintain your figure. He reveals that his saree is attached to her bribe and asks her to return it. Rajjo says that I will have only short coat. She says that she will talk to Malaika. Rajjo says that she will not even give him a jhumka. Happu says that you are worried about Jhumka and not about me. She says that my earring is related to your job. Kamlesh comes to the restaurant and sings Yah and Khanoon…. Asks him to change the song. Kamlesh says that he could not find the right song. Kat tells her to become strong and says that you have become weak because of the robbers. Malaika comes there and tells Kamlesh that he has suspended Happu. She explains that crime will now be out of the world. Malaika comes in PS. She asks Resham Pal if she can open her desk. Resham Pal reveals that he has his own cabin. Makwana asks what is the matter we were discussing? Resham Pal says you would know. Malaika says that she knows that they were not discussing any matter here. Reshma Lal did not ask her to take out her leg. Malaika says she is honest and is not afraid of anyone. Malaika asks him why Damodar Seth’s case is closed.

The Commissioner says that this is a sensitive matter and we will handle the matter. Malaika says that she will call the minister and tell him that Resham Pal is with the opposition. Resham Pal says that he will arrest Damodar. Malaika says that you have to do my other work as a punishment. Resham Pal and Makwana come to Happu’s house. Resham Pal says that you are resting here and your daughter is harassing us in PS. Happu asks what happened? Resham Pal says that Malaika asked me to be with the beggars all day as an undercover officer. Happu says you must have done this in your career. Resham Pal says, I had not done this before. I often have to clean PS, says Makwana. Resham Pal asks Happu to do something. Happu asks them to call him back. Resham Pal asks him to do something. Happu says that she has an idea and he comes to the kitchen, asking what is she making? Rajjo says that knives …

Happu tells that Resham Pal and Makwana came here and that Malaika is bothering them a lot. Rajjo says that Malaika is an honest officer. Happu asks if she doesn’t want to bring him back to the job. Rajjo says yes. He reveals that when Malaika arrives, he will work to kick her (Rajjo) so that Malaika revokes his suspension. Rajjo asks her to understand Amma. Happu says you are right He asks her to make something else. Razzo refused.

Happu later tells Rajjo to scream and cry. Rajjo applies glycerin in her eyes and cries. Happu tells Rajjo to go to Avadhesh’s house. Rajjo says what shall I say to my mother? Happu asks her to tell Awadhesh that she has given birth to a daughter who suspends her from her job. Happu asks Amma if she is in pain. Amma says yes and works. Malaika says that she will leave the house. Happu tells him to leave. Amma folded her hands and asked Malaika to hire Happu. Malaika says my rules and values ​​are everything. Happu says that I have everything and asks him to tell him what he has. Malaika says she is my mother. Happu asks Malaika to take her mother with her and asks what she can do. Malaika says she will make a call on domestic violence charges and get a case registered against her. Happu is surprised.

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