Manish Raisingh and Sangeeta Chauhan to tie the knot on June 30

Written by Sana Farzin | Mumbai |

Updated: June 29, 2020 9:24:21 pm

Manish Raisingh and Sangeeta Chauhan met on the set of Swabhimaan. (Photo: Manish Raisingh / Instagram)

Television actors Manish Raisingh and Sangeeta Chauhan are set for their wedding in Mumbai on 30 June. The couple will take their nirjala vow at the gurdwara, in which only their siblings will be present. The pair fell in love two years ago on the sets of Swabhimaan.

Sharing this news on social media, Raisingh wrote, ‘Never in my dreams do you sleep so much, day din dega paadega di shadi? my? Hahaha. But what to do… when someone surrenders to you with his simplicity and reality…. Thats what this lovely lady @sangeitachauhaan is guilty of and she will have to face the punishment of spending बाकी the rest of her life. God save him ha ha ha ha. * Bad laughter * Welcome to #sanman @sangeitachauhaan. “

Speaking to the Delhi Times, Manish Raisingh shared that his father had asked him to consider getting married. The actor said that when he immediately called Sangeeta to propose and soon got to talk to her parents on a video call. In order not to jeopardize their parents’ health during the coronovirus epidemic, the couple decided to tie the knot with their three siblings. Manish said that they plan to host a big reception for their industry friends, when things go back to normal. However, his friends will be part of the celebrations via video call.

Manish Sasural is popular for his role as Siddhant in Simar Ka and was previously associated with his co-star Avika Gore. However, the two always denied the rumors and maintained that they were best friends. Hearing the happy news, Avika congratulated the couple.

Bigg Boss 13 contestant and actor Aarti Singh also commented on Manish’s post and wrote, “Very happy. In the end many people are getting married…. @manishmischief I finally salute u @sangeitachauhaan for marrying you to this madman. Don’t know, but u sure believe u must be a wonderful person. Cant wait to meet u both. “

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