Manish Raisingh ties the knot with Sangeeta Chauhan

Manish Raisingh and Sangeeta Chauhan married on 30 June. (Photo: artinisangeitafriend / Instagram)

Swabhiman actors Manish Raisingh and Sangeeta Chauhan got married on Tuesday. The intimate wedding ceremony took place at a gurudwara in Mumbai. In view of the present situation, it consisted only of his siblings. After their marriage, the actors also posed for shutterbugs.

Sharing the wedding invitation, Chauhan posted on Instagram, “Official at the end of it! We are getting married !!! Swipe Remaining… This was the time when I came to meet him for the first time as a great friend, who made me fall in love with him for what kind of a person he is and will soon be fine .. Still can’t believe how time passed and today we are sharing our vows! ♥ Love ♥ ️ ♥ IManish I Love U ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ky Thankyou for me “to choose.”

Raisinghn wrote on his behalf, “Never met you yet? My? Hahaha, but what to do … When someone attracts you with his simplicity and honesty, you just surrender…. Thats Is this lovely lady @sangeitachauhaan guilty and she will have to face the punishment of spending the rest of her life rest मुझे me. God save her ha ha ha ha. * Bad laughter * # Welcome to Agaman @ sangeitachauhaan ”

Earlier, while speaking to the Delhi Times, Manish Raisinghan shared that his father had asked him to consider getting married as he is taking a leave from work. The actor said that when he immediately called Sangeeta to propose and soon got to talk to her parents on a video call. In order not to jeopardize their parents’ health during the coronovirus epidemic, the couple decided to tie the knot with their three siblings. Manish said that they plan to host a big reception for their industry friends, when things go back to normal.

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Here Manish and Sangeeta wish for a happy married life!

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