On leaving the film, Selina Jaitley said: ‘I was just tired of how difficult it was for an outsider.’

Celina Jaitley, the former Miss India, who went straight into the hearts of filmmakers with her debut film Janasheen, marks her comeback to the success of the film, Season Greetings. The actor made a comeback to films to fulfill his mother’s final wish, which wanted her daughter to pursue a career in acting. The mother of three, however, makes it clear that she did not distance herself from the cinema to settle in the country, but the filmmakers were unable to convince her to do meaningful work.

Selina lives in Austria with her husband and three sons.

You have recently made a successful comeback in acting, are you here?

You can remove an actor from cinema, but you cannot remove an actor from cinema. I had taken a purposeful break from cinema, because I knew the best reasons and it had nothing to do with the fact that I got married. I was just tired and tired of thinking how hard it is getting for an outsider to constantly try to play the role. After constantly proving myself, I just got fed up of trying to please everyone and reached a point where I said ‘ok take a break’, do some other things in life, recharge the battery And then whenever I am ready, I come back again.

When my mother passed away last year, I decided to return to the cinema because it was one of her last wishes to return to acting.

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Are you getting proposals for the success of your comeback film?

I am very capable of bringing my projects together. Fortunately, we do not live in an era where we have to sit at home and wait for proposals to come. I always choose to work on my terms and conditions, and will keep doing it. I am here to stay but to do roles that justify my talent as an actor. Not everyone who saw the season greetings could believe that I was because I never had a chance to work in a film like this, no matter how much I tried to convince people.

You grew it up as an actor in commercial entertainers and the season’s greeting was completely different from your previous work. Are you ready to take those roles again or will you be more selective now?

I think the time has come when we were calling them commercial or non-commercial cinema, especially with the coming of OTT platforms. I think we are beyond that today. Now it does not matter how big or small the film is, it is all good material. Have I done a good content film? Yes i have Has it received unprecedented response and positive reviews? Yes, we won our first award at a very large international film festival in the US. I think we’re kinda past that era, but of course, I’m going to do a good job, whether it’s in a so-called commercial or non-commercial project, doesn’t matter to me.

Are you planning a new project?

I don’t want to do things like I used to do – being busy all year long, flying from one country to another. I want to do projects like season’s greetings, which touch people’s hearts and minds, which are all about moving forward, which are positive. I am working on some projects, but you will hopefully hear about them after the lockdown is over.

How did the lockdown treat you?

We had the longest lockout due to its proximity to the Italian borders. Italy was the toughest and we went into lockdown in early March. We are very blessed to live on a high level on the Alpine Mountains, so it was very easy because you can get out and social disturbances are a reality because everyone lives far away from each other. This was an advantage as we were surrounded by nature.

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How is life as a mother of three boys?

I never thought that I would promote a film in the midst of a global epidemic. Most of my time has gone into promoting the season’s best wishes. My children ask me ‘Are you going to spend some time with us today or are you busy in the office, mummy’.

They also understand that there are two types of development. There is a very significant growth with your family and you grow in life. When you grow as a woman, as a mother, a lover, you have your own personal growth. I think it is very important to chase your dreams.

Do your children know that you were a beauty queen and now an actor?

They know that it is something because in Dubai, we were photographed and a lot of fans used to come to us whenever we were out. They knew that something was there, but we really kept them apart from this aspect of our lives. There is nothing to hide about this fact, I am very proud of all my achievements, but I am getting introduced to that side of my life as they grow up.

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