The realization of popular Colors show Shakti Astitva produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions will now come in the marriage atmosphere of Virat (Simba Nagpal) and Heer (Budhyas Singh).

The latest episode will begin with wedding preparations, with songs, music and dance being the major tastes.

However, in the middle of this will be a major drama by Parmeet (Jasvir Kaur), who is planning to perform Heer’s Shudraikaran, as he is brought in among the eunuchs.

This act of Parmeet will shatter Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) and she will be very worried about how Parmeet will react when she comes to know that Heer is the eunuch.

According to a reliable source, “Parmeet will be determined to donate heir and Preeto will not stop it from happening.”

What will happen when the mystery of Heer being a eunuch is out?

As we know, actor Gauri Tonk was recently replaced by Jasvir Kaur for the role of Parmeet. If you missed reading our special story, you can read it here: Jasvir Kaur to replace Gauri Tonk in Shakti Estitva’s Ehsa Ki

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