Shama Sikander on plastic surgery rumors: ‘You have no idea what I have done’ – TV

Television actor Shama Sikander has reacted to rumors of a cosmetic hike and said that she does not provide an explanation for anyone. She was trolled badly on social media last year after taking a 10-year challenge and shared a picture of the then.

In an interview with IANS, Shama said, “First of all, I do not understand these allegations. Accused? I am not some criminal who I have done something wrong. I am not even sure I have done this. There is no reason to explain or speak about it. This is my life. I can do what I want. Secondly, you have no idea what I have done.

Shama claimed that her change was mental. “When I tell you that it’s my mind that has changed me, you don’t believe me! Therefore, I want them to live with their lies and they can feel whatever they feel like Want can feel and understand it, ”she said.

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Not everyone will understand the personal journey and struggle, Shama said. “It is not necessary that you go under the knife every time people change. If I change, does that mean I go under the knife every day? And I just keep changing every day? Have they lost it? So, I do not want to say anything to those people. This is his life, ”she said.

Shama made her acting debut with the popular serial Ye Meri Life Hai, which aired from 2003 to 2005. She starred in shows like CID, Mana Hai Hai Viswas and Bal Veer. He has also worked in the web series Maiya and now Dil Ki Suna.

In the past, Shama has opened up about her mental health issues. She said that she was known as bipolar and even attempted suicide.

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