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Actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap has spoken about her family’s decision to return to her hometown Chandigarh. She wrote for Pinkvilla where she explained her reasons for doing so.

He wrote that after three and a half months in Mumbai, his life had become dull. He was also concerned about his parents. She wrote: “Considering how anxious we had become for both of us on the set of our parents and our concern was heightened by Kovid-19, which decided to spoil our 2020, my skinnier half and I decided that whenever possible we should go to our hometown. ” Chandigarh, to our parents. And so the day arrived, proper measures were taken and we all reached our hometown along with our brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Coming from Mumbai we were quite worried and it took time to get used to the pace of the city. “

Tahira also described how life is different in a small town, with some coronovirus cases and control areas. He also mentioned how taking a bicycle (it is allowed within the city limits) was therapeutic, after gaining more than 5 kg in Mumbai during the lockdown. He wrote: “Everyone was maintaining law and order here, but because there were no zone zones and very few active cases, the people here had identified and fixed their social circle. We were very clear. We were not going to meet anyone except my parents. After two weeks of mandatory quarantine, Mumbaikars got up and saw their hometown in a different light, especially me. I did cycling, only because of city permits. It was curative for me, the Roh Afza drink that I had was lemonade and the five and a half kilograms I had received, melted it out. “

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He has also written in detail about life at his parents’ house in Chandigarh, where he is 15 of them under one roof in his three-story house.

Ayushmann is currently spending time with his family in Chandigarh, as the city is returning to normalcy. Along with all the security measures, the 35-year-old actor also shot for an advertisement. He said, “It was great to be back on set and shoot again after so many months. We have all been at home and we are all waiting for what we were doing. He said that things would have to be brought back to normal and with all necessary safety precautions, we would all go out and work.

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